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Or purchase the CD directly from the “master”. Charles will autograph his recording of 15 original songs performed by some of the best jazz musicians of our time. Included is a 16-page booklet CD rich with text & photos, plus an option to include a personally autographed portrait of Charles.

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Charles McPherson Jazz Dance Suites cover

Charles McPherson’s Jazz Dance Suites captures his groundbreaking collaboration with the San Diego Ballet, an association that began in 2015. A family affair, Jazz Dance Suites is inspired by McPherson’s daughter Camille McPherson, a soloist in her 8th season with the prestigious dance company. Joining McPherson on Jazz Dance Suites are some of the most exciting names in modern jazz; Terrell Stafford on trumpet, Lorraine Castellanos on vocals, Jeb Patton, and Randy Porter on piano, Billy Drummond on drums, David Wong on bass and Yotam Silberstein on guitar.

Jazz Ballet Suites liner notes cover image.
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JazzBalletSuites photo montage of the players.
1.Charles McPherson 2.Terell Stafford 3.Lorraine Castellanos 4.Jeb Patton 5.David Wong 6.Billy Drummond 7.Yotam Silberstein 8.Randy Porter 9.Left to right – Randy Porter, Yotam Silberstein, Lynn McPherson, Charles McPherson, Lorraine Castellanos, Billy Drummond