Charles McPherson’s Jazz Dance Suites

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Order the CD. Included is a 16-page booklet CD rich with text & photos. Just for you, Charles will autograph his recording of 15 original songs performed by some of the best jazz musicians of our time.

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“Illusions in Blue” Charles McPherson CD

Illusions In Blue 1990–Recorded live in a nightclub in La Jolla California. A limited amount of this re-issue is now available through Chazz Jazz.

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“Illusions in Blue features McPherson’s virtuosity at its most inspiring. Not only is this a showcase for McPherson’s saxophone playing and improvisational brilliance, it is a testament to his immense skill as a composer”.
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Donnie Norton, 2015 – author of the doctoral dissertation “The Jazz Saxophone Style of Charles McPherson: An Analysis through Biographical Examination and Solo Transcription.

Sample the title track of “Illusions in Blue:”

Sample the track “Manhattan Nocturne:”

T-shirt artwork by Christina Lauren Photography by Miguel Pizarro and Margery Squier.

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Charles’ life philosophy: “I just wanna play the horn, man…”
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